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April.13/18 ...This is an open letter to the custodians that run and operate VA3XPR, Don Trynor and VE3YYZ & VE3UHM, Jon Rorke.

Since our website started in late Nov. 2017, we have had over 37,000 page views and almost 600 comments. It is evident that Andre Vanier VE3WZW has moved on and is no longer jamming or causing problems on the GTA repeaters.

Enough time has passed and we feel it's time to turn the DMR and YYZ repeaters back on for a trial period. If the custodians of the repeaters are not ready, perhaps you might consider selling the license and equipment to someone who is willing to run them.

Let us know if you think enough time has passed and if you would like to see all the repeaters turned back on.


  1. Why call them out by name like the guys you've been dissing on this site? Maybe a private phone call, establishing a friendship and starting out on the right foot would have better results? So weird.

    1. Why not! It's public knowledge who the repeater custodian are. Maybe a private phone call? Really? Do you have their phone numbers... I doubt the poster of the message does! DUH!!!

      I don't think the repeater owners accomplished much to be honest. A lot of hams bought hotspots and use zello or other chat apps. They may as well sell their repeater systems. They are all zombie repeaters all over the city anyway.

    2. To: Anonymous

      True Lies is NOT "dissing" the custodians of the repeaters that have been shut down in the GTA.

      Private phones calls and establishing friendships is not what we are looking for. It's our view the custodians should turn the repeaters on for a trial period.

      We want to hear other Ham's opinion's on this option to move forward.

      True Lies

  2. Andre was using his multiple hotspots on NXDN bragging to someone that he was lying low and will jam with a vengance once XPR is up. YYZ will remain shut down as it serves no purpose now that everyone has joined the TFM club.

    Andre shut down the NXDN on YYZ so he is happy

    But there will be a coffee for Andre at Pickering Hamfest waiting for him and the conversation will be interesting

    I will bring my 4550 for his inspection up close

  3. Andre has made multiple DOS attacks on the Durham radio website and passed multiple bad cheques and nefarious pay pal and scammer transactions against Durham Radio to cause them to lose over $10, 000 dollars. Enough to put them underwater. Andre has been running a nefarious and hate email campaign against them to cause financial strife. It is not clear why Andre the jammer would do this but its connected to the VE3BRA club and their refusal to support their club for activity we do not know.

    We do know that once this is sorted out that there will be criminal charges against Andre and the Mothership.

    Andre is out of control and needs to be stopped. His hooliganism on Bandmaster is legendary.

    However, many find his behavior acceptable because of his $100 payouts from his internet business and selling Kodee boxes to bypass the FBI.

    Go Figure blokes!!!

  4. Dude at Timmy's watching Andre on his laptopTuesday, April 17, 2018 at 6:19:00 PM EDT

    With the influx of inexpensive (as low as $10.00 USD) radios from China, there are now more hams on the air than ever. A lot of people have even credited Baofeng for saving ham radio. I used to be one of those people. Baofengs offer an extremely inexpensive entry point, and can be found all over.

    Unfortunately, what many hams don’t seem to understand is that many of these Chinese made radios are produced at such a low cost by cutting corners. Remember the old adage, “You get what you pay for?” This leads to a sub-par performer. By taking just one of these radios apart (or even going as far as looking at the schematic), one can quickly see what’s missing. A good front end on the receiver is the first (and most important) thing that is missing. In low population communities throughout the country, this might be acceptable. In most communities though, the lack of selectivity means radio’s squelch will start squawking every time the operator passes by a credit card machine or clothes drier.

    Another growing problem with the Baofeng is the type of operator it attracts. Can this be blamed on the radio? No. Is it fair to blame the radio for attracting low quality operators? No. Are all operators that use Baofengs and other low-tier radios bad operators? No. However, for whatever reason, Baofengs have opened the door for low quality operators to get on the air and be heard. Maybe it is the low investment cost (cost of the test and radio is now less than $40.00 USD). Maybe it is the vast availability of codeplugs, which takes away the need to know basic things and terms such as: input frequency, output frequency, PL (CTCSS) tone, offset, simplex, and scan. After all, there is something to be said about building your very own codeplug. Much like the popularization and easily affordable boon of CB in the last century, I fear ham radio is going down the very same path.

    Yes, the Baofeng gets you on the air. Yes, it keys up the local machines. Yes, you can talk to all of your buddies on the local club machine. Yes, it will (for the most part) stay on frequency, but are you really getting the best ham radio experience? Is the squawking squelch inside of the supermarket and that ensuing battle of up/down volume fun? Is the lack of adjacent channel rejection worth it when you’re trying to demo ham radio to a friend worth it when your friend says the voice reliability is better on a cell? Think about it. To me, that is the biggest tragedy.

    Bottom line is this: if you don’t have to hear the poor quality of your own voice and you live in the middle of nowhere, a Baofeng can be a really slick option. The radios are cheap. They do transmit. They do make your voice heard. However, if you’re in an environment with a lot of RF floating around (think Vegas… think Washington… think Toronto… think New York), these radios are not great options. They frankly don’t have the guts to handle the mojo needed to avoid the noise.

    For these reasons, I have chosen to ban Baofeng radios on my repeaters. This isn’t a Motorola elitism thing. This isn’t a, “You’re stupid for buying a Baofeng” game. I own Baofengs. I own my repeater and the users on my repeater all have similar audio levels. We’re all running ham or public safety grade gear. All of our rigs have similar audio circuitry that avoids the constant volume adjustments. I’m a professional organist. Simply put, I don’t need anymore workouts for my fingers.

    Some will still argue that this is elitism. I argue that Baofengs go against the very reason why the F.C.C. allows ham radio to exist.

    I assure you that my reasons are purely technical, and not a form of elitism.

  5. If Don and Jon don't reply, will the next step be to troll them with a drone, or just go straight to the 'knocking on door with coffee in hand' tactic? Should work just as well as it did with Andre.

    1. From what i can see, Andre no longer key's up , rants, swears and Bullies people, so maybe it did work.

  6. Andre is like a snake lying low in the grass waiting to pounce when you least expect it. He has been active tweeting hate on twitter but keeping his websites low profile. DO NOT RULE THE SCUMBAG LEARNED A LESSON HE IS JUST PALYING WITH US

  7. I doubt Jon and Don come to this site so you probably need to get your message to them another way.

  8. Where is Sine Wave Rod VE3RTT the drunken ham these days with his loudmouth Mothership voice? Rod I will see you at the Breakfast at Wallys. I have a tripod to show you real close! Don't let the teacher find out about us please...Timmy washrooms stalls are Andre's domain I know....32 element yagi on 70 cms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you know it mr j pole


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