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It's time for Martin Maduro VE3PWR to apologize to VA3HBO and VE3DJZ for his racial and homophobic remarks.

VA3PYR ...Brian Richard has to sick his 2 cents in.

We received several emails regarding Martin Maduro VE3PWR who was on the Newmarket Repeater using the slang term "Faggot"  referencing to homosexuality. It's truly an eye opener and sad we still have homophobic Ham operators in our community.

 Mr Maduro was calling VA3HBO and VE3DJZ "faggots" and accusing them of unfounded accusations that is unexceptable. Mr Maduro , if you have sound proof of these accusations, please forward them to our website and we will post them for others to judge.

 It's embarrassing to think VE3PWR is the custodian of the repeater in Newmarket and still finds it necessary to behave with such hate and animosity against other Hams.

 A search on "Canadian Callsign Database of Ham Radio Operators" shows 3 call signs belonging to  Martin Paul Maduro , VE3PWR, VA3PWR and VA3NMK, all show (Basic with Honours). It was our understanding you must have an "Advance License" to be the custodian of a Ham Repeater in Ontario.

 It's also our understanding Martin and Andre are very close friends.

Rainbow flag Colors ?

Dear Mr Maduro

I understand that term "Faggot" is often used in a “joking” manner. When you use it, you do it maliciously — and certainly in a way to purposely offend or insult homosexuals.

Justifying your use of the word by saying “I didn’t mean it offensively,” doesn’t make it okay. Not only does it show ignorance, but it also shows a concerning lack of intellect. 
To you, it may be “just a word.” If so, you are fortunate. A lot more fortunate than others who have a lot of pain and suffering tied to it. Sure, it’s not a big deal to you, but just because it doesn’t affect some people doesn’t mean it isn’t your obligation to care about who it may — and why.

You may not be homophobic. But saying you are “just joking” or only saying it to people who aren’t gay doesn’t absolve you of blame. You may not be able to solve the issue of homophobia in our society. But what you can do it make sure you aren’t — consciously or not — contributing to it Mr Maduro.


  1. He runs coarc club

    Alex and Andre members

    A bully on his repeaters

    Also on wynsorc group

    No one seems to like his attitude and they shy away from his repeater

    Too bad it could be the new twr

  2. It's no wonder the Newmarket repeater is so quiet, most people dislike Martin and how he runs it.
    Just sayin'

  3. We received this email and want to make it clear, this website has several authors, not just one.

    VA3HBO... Please do not send me anymore emails...

    You came on my repeater last week sunday and called me on it and we had a
    conversation regarding the issue ( as I have recorded ) and I told you let's sit down and talk about it
    over coffee and now you post this on your website what you have ??

    Once Again... Please don't email me anymore ! Thank You...

  4. Hey, how can he own or operate the repeater in Newmarket without his Advance ?

  5. Martin is a first class passenger on the Mothership and is well known in the community as a scumbag

    No surprise he and Andre are spreading the garbage northward as many repeaters in the GTA are shut down by these clowns

    Another low life who bought his license

    Careful, Martin will jump on you like a fat bully just like Andre does if you use his repeater

    The only difference between Martin and the loud mouth goofball Rod VE3RTT is that Martin has a basic, no code. Rod had the extra coins to buy his license.

    The video footage shows a white guy writing Andre's exams as Andre used a surrogate.

    This is Mothership

    Martin drives a Crown Victoria he got from the OPP auction

  6. 12, 2017 at 9:34:00 PM EST
    VE3YYZ UhF shut down due to Andre
    VE3YYZ DMR shut down by Andre
    VE3TWR shut down by Andre
    VE3XPR shut down by Andre
    VE3YRA shut down by Andre
    VE3RPT shut down by Andre
    VE3YRC shut down by Andre
    VE3WOO shut down by Andre
    VE3PWR shut down by Andre
    VE3MIS shut down by Andre
    VE3UHM shut down by Andre

    VE3BNI Raglan DMR repeatedly shut down by Andre and equipment was removed by Custodian as he got fed up with Andre ranting and melting down

    WNYSORC will NOT provide Andre with a coordinated frequency pair thus VE3BRA will operate illegaly until shut down ny Andre

    Andre will not learn a lesson but it will be taught to him for every net he runs or tries to operate.

    Andre was jamming on VE3TWR at 11am and did not observe any respect . That is who Andre is. Stop this guy!

    Don't ignore him but jam his ugly face when he pops up

    Be educated in that Andre and his Zello buddies are working in a coordinated fashion to jam and disrupt communications in the GTA

    He also has our newmarket buddie Martin VE3PWR on the jammer nets causing a ruckus and swearing and calling people names just luck Mayor Andre

    Hahaha both dummys are presidents of ham clubs and operate repeaters

    Note the PWR and BRA repeaters are silent due to hams protesting the owners behaviours as being bad hams

    DMR meet ups? Andre is so afraid he will get his ticket punched if he hokds one and the last family event was cancelled when it became apparent Andre had legal issues with minors. This is where chikd abuse and grooming begins. When people call others homophobic names its a strong sign of abusing kids or was abused as a kid

    Sorty but please be educated

  7. Wow, what a piece of shit this guy is! Love how the crazies all find each other.

  8. What a shame, you would think Martin would offer an apology.

  9. I wonder if he passed the advanced exam and the system has not been updated or is he still basic +. This should go to Industry Canada and see what they have to say about it.
    I will inform IC about it.

    Stay tuned.

  10. Funny, you go to his Facebook page and he's all Mr. Nice Guy - I guess it's just a lack of respect for Ham Radio that's his problem, in addition to being an ignorant, rude and out-of-step with the times kind of douchebag.

  11. No one uses the PWR douchebag repeater

  12. Thanks for the pictures. I wonder if douchebag is going to hamfests

  13. You guys need to grow up and act like professional hams. If you don't like what you hear turn your radio off or spin the vfo...incase your a new ham from cb radio spinning the vfo would mean changing the channel.
    Read the ham handbook and learn, you seem to have missed the part about being a gentleman and being courteous to others. Calling someone out on social media is not being professional, if you can't say what you mean to someones face then don't say anything because that's being a coward and that doesn't belong on ham radio period. Smarten up people and act like professionals, if you can't do that then you don't belong on Amateur Radio. I don't know any of you and I was directed here from a global site that is running hams down in the GTA. Take a look at what you are doing and quit being an embarrassment to the many Hams in the area that you are effecting. 73

    1. Who are you referring to ... you guys???

      This must be posted by Andre Vanier or one of his loyal disciples like HTB or CKI.

      This all started with Andre Vanier creating a multitude of blogs slandering many GTA hams. That is the big embarrassment for all of the GTA hams.

      Those affected tried to be gentlemen and settle whatever the issue is... no one really knows the true issue because Andre refuses to come to the table and resolve this like an adult.

      Go post this on his blogs. Oh wait you cant because the douchebag only posts and allows his own fake comments.

      This site exposed Andre Vanier and as you can tell he has crossed just about everybody person he came in contact with.

      The biggest fake this city has ever seen! (yup that's you Andre)

  14. Effected 73 FU has left a new comment on your post "It's time for Martin Maduro VE3PWR to apologize to...":

    Yeah he is all Mothership

    I wonder if he would let Andre baby sit his kids with his multiple call signs and multiple police charges against him

    Andre is all about shaming, bullying and exposing people on social media thinking that he will look better but in the end he looks like a big scumbag and a jack ass as well

    Andre started his fake news, lies and bullshit campaign against hams in the GTA that were smarter than him. Andre is so jealous but hey now everyone knows he is a jammer, a police impersonator, and wife abuser, fired from his bank job and now trying to make money with his websites linked to amazon accounts

    Come on the fxcking clown has so many twitter accounts all interlinked to his websites to make it look like he is a big wheel in ham radio

    NO WAY he is a jammer and caused 7 repeaters to be shut down if you read the previous post and is the president of the Bowmanville Ladies Club

    Please Effected 73 lets meet for coffee and I can show you the 4550 up close!

    Be educated my basic ham friend that Andre has jammed the North America, Worldwide and Canada Wide DMR nets and sent hate and racist comments on the DMR messaging applicatuion! Yeah a professional ham operator

    I know CB guys that are more educated and respectable on the air then many hams and how many times does Andre drop his F bomb on his 3 hour rants and meltdowns on the TWR repeater....priceless

    Oh yeah a good friend you have and yes please go ahead have him babysit your young kids and hope they are not scarred afterwards like he was when he was abused by his dad as a kid

    I am on Tower now listening , go Zello your leader and lets discuss this on the Mothership net tonight at 730pm. DF gear in tow jammathon orchestrated by the Andre (SCUMBAG and LOW LIFE that smells like a dirty snake and a degenerate Grenadian) search ham radio Grenada and see his social media scams and how he steals money and kites cheques and rips off hams on

    The Grenada community has already had Andre banned from travel out of Canada, had his pardon rejected and is on probation for abuse in the workplace.

    The bank fired him for hacking into internal accounts, and bullying and abusing coworkers. Andre has the legend of being the only manager in the banks history to have 234 harassment and abuse complaints against him.

  15. Did the homophobic ham operator from Newmarket ever apologize? Funny how he knows Andre jams his repeater from Bermonsdy and lets Andre off scott free while blaming others.

    Douche bags to ya'll both on the Mothership of Bad Hams in the GTA

    Didn't HTB claim he was coerced into jamming for Andre but then on the simplex he and Andre are laughing how they disrupted the Procom net one night. That's proud work and I will keep the beam pointed to Newmarket as I am sure Martin is part of this ruse and hate campaigns.


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