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March 10/2018...........Amateur HAM Radio Clubs Toronto CANADA and Hatred / Racist from Andre Vanier's Criminal Activity.

Toronto Canada Repeater Frequencies Used by Amateur Radio Operators for Criminal Activity by VE3WZW ,VE3HTB
and VA3MCX.

Who is Jamming Toronto CANADA Repeaters ? :
There is undeniable evidence that shows the Criminal Andre VE3WZW has been jamming all the local Toronto repeaters and the Canada DMR System.

Andre was also heard on HAM RADIO repeater Toronto fm Communications Society Amateur Radio Club (TFMCS) VE3TWR 444.4000 being racist. 
Here is a link to recordings of Andre racist language.
See "The Word On The Street" below:
Andre Vanier and his criminal partner VE3HTB John Borland and Mike Chartrand VA3MCX who was charged for impersonating a Police Officer refuse to address the situation is the Reason For The Repeater Shut Down in The Toronto CANADA.

Other criminal activity include :Andre Vanier has been doing DDoS attacks on the Brandmeister network. Andre has also been involved in Hacking personal Zello accounts. Andre's criminal behavior continues in Toronto. 
Andre is racist and a XXXXXXXX. Andre's specialty is Bullying others.

Here's to hoping passive denial resolves our city's issues.

An Abomination in HAM RADIO cloning CCS7 identification - Andre Vanier VE3WZW

Criminal Activities in Toronto Southern Ontario Canada by HAM RADIO Andre Vanier 
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