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Andre's last two followers , Ted Lee -VE7LEE and Dave/John Borland- VE3HTB.


  1. Those 2 clowns think Andre knows what he's doing.

  2. I can see why Andre can control them.

  3. Hey Mr Borland I look forward to meeting you at Hamex and tapping your shoulder. We have added security to the parking lot area this year so if you think you are either doing some theft or taking photos of license plates you will be surprised in a hurry.
    Take a look at your pathetic youtube videos and lifestyle and when you look in the mirror you will see that you really are a SCUMBAG. You have not checked into the new DMR net because you were replaced by an accomplished radio spectrum operator. Your name is on the police list as an accomplice to his hate crimes and we know where you live so a simple knock knock when you kerchunk the tower repeater will be too easy. You can continue your friendship with Andre but be educated that when the Mothership has its day in court you will also be in an orange jumpsuit. We are just not sure if you also enjoy impersonating a police officer but it doesnt look good on when you are not to be near and playgrounds does it ?? See you at Hamex John David or David John or whatever you call yourself but hey. Have your address

  4. Isn't Dave/John Borland- VE3HTB the guy that got charged for impersonating a cop ?

    No wonder he's a Andre follower, what a dick head.

  5. Police impersonators ride together and hopes that john's wife is aware

    Maybe he dresses up when he goes to Food Basics to shop

    Haha we know where you live jammer for Andre lover boy


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