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"NEW POST"...Feb.17/18....Huey VE3DJZ tries knocking on Andre Vanier VE3WZW door Friday night at 9:30pm to make peace. Huey and another Ham went to Andre's apartment with a coffee to try and talk with him and come up with a resolution to all the ongoing issues with the DMR and local repeaters. We have to give credit to Huey for his continued effort to bring the Ham community back together. Check out the YouTube Video link taken last night at Andre's Apartment. Feb16/18


  1. Huey, you deserve a lot of respect for your effort in trying to talk to Andre. I personally want to thank you for what you're doing. Keep up the effort, no one else has done what you are doing. I have a few Ham friends including myself that would like to go with you the next time you knock on Andre's door. I guarantee Andre was home when you knocked ,he was too afraid to open it. He tries to sound like a tough guy on the radio, but if you confront him, he'll hide like a ,little girl.

  2. Nice job VE3DJZ. Keep up the good work, we need people like you to keep the pressure on Andre to stop his jamming and blog lies.

  3. Much respect Heuy! Hats off for trying to get resolution to this issue. Sadly its a one way effort.
    We see Andre's true colors. He lives for conflict and it feeds his altered narcissistic ego.

    Andre shows so much disrespect to this hobby and to people in general.

    I hope the recording of him ranting on the Canada wide DMR net is listened to carefully by Industry Canada. So surprised no one has punched his lights out yet. (yes it was sent to them)

    Hang in there Toronto, there is a light at the end of this tunnel!

  4. Huge respect to Huey for doing this!
    Keep up the good work.
    All recordings I have has been sent in to ISED as well as RAC.
    RAC and IC are looking into it.

  5. The Superintendent Swift RentalsSaturday, February 17, 2018 at 7:32:00 PM EST

    Please note Andre has surveillance cameras so he saw you coming and hid under his bed like a little child

    Lucky he did not open the door as it reeks of shit and pissed and has been served several summons to clean the apartment up

    Personal hygiene is not a skillset Andre has these days as the Mothership is a toilet

  6. Recordings would have a lot more credibility if they weren't edited to make it sound like Andre repeats words and phrases. The real thing is good enough.

    1. Andre stutters, repeats himself, says half words and is who he is. If you have any recordings of your coffee mertings with him that show different we would love to hear them. In one of his famous 3 hour rants he says the F word over 100 times or on another the N word multiple times.

  7. bad apple
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  8. Hughy I commend you for trying to make things better and get the repeaters back on the air for us hams to enjoy.

    Even though Andre has ruined the hobby for many in the GTA and made himself famous all over the DMR world, I still believe that as Christians we have the ability to forgive Andre for his sins.

    We cannot absolve the sins of flesh he has committed but the sins of ham radio and bullying its member community.

    He actually is a good guy trying to be the surrogate father of his divorced Jamaican girlfriends 2 kids but with his foul mouthed attitude with FOff and Nxxger words on his famous 3 hour rant (actually a broadcast) using multiple call signs during the Mothership meltdown is actually very embarrassing to him and the caribean community.

    God please forgive Andre Vanier and allow him to publicly apologize to the community so when he takes communion he can do it properly and without evilness. May sweet baby Jesus shine his love onto Andre's head and not only allow him some hair to grow but also to have him grow some balls and man up to his misdeeds.

    Andre The Sherrif of the GTA Vanier will sleep better once he washes his soul of all his sins.

    Please God I know you are listening and this would be a worthy miracle to pull off sooner rather than later.

    If Andre can be cleansed he can preach to his Mothership followers to "see" the new love he has and it will spread and become infectious.

    Have a Wonderful Day!!


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