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Great News. Jan.4/18 we started new Leadership on BrandMeister Net Canada DMR-MARC Net Canada (302) Sunday Night. Huey VE3DJZ was the first Net Controller and did a great job for his first time. It will take a few weeks to get things moving smoothly. We are setting up a new Website to keep everyone informed with the new direction we are taking with the new Leadership.

No matter how Andre spins the truth he has lost all respect from the Ham community. His Ship is sinking and there are no life lines left. Andre will never run the Sunday Night DMR Canada Net again. The the overall consensus is Andre is out. The New group of Hams are running the DMR Canada Net on Sunday and many Hams are looking forward to the NEW LEADERSHIP.

We look forward to this Sunday Feb.11/18, running the Net on the DMR Net CANADA (302) at 9pm. Please join us and welcome Huey VE3DJZ as the new Net Controller.

Huey did a good job running the Net last night for his first time. Andre still had to key up ,criticize and Bully Huey while he was doing the net. This is the reason we are taking over the Sunday Night Net, to stop unnecessary comments and failing Leadership.
Our goal is to create a professional Sunday Night Net with hopes of getting the DMR repeaters back up and running.
Thanks Huey for taking the first step in reconstructing the Sunday Night DMR Net.



  1. Good for you Huey, it's about time someone took over that net.

  2. Congratulations Huey! You did a fantastic job for you first time running a net.

    Its was quite alarming to hear Andre put you down for your efforts. This yet another example of how he tries to belittle and be condescending to hams he has tried to harm on his blogs. Huey handled it professionally. You know what I am saying sunshine?

    Looking forward to a efficient and professional net.

  3. Good on you Huey. Unfortunate that you ran into some QRM, but don't let it get to you, there are a lot of people on the upside, so the signal-to-noise ratio is high! :)
    Keep it up, you have the support of almost everyone.


  4. I have to agree with the comments posted. I listened to the Net last night and Huey did a good job for his first time. This is a great move in the right direction to create a positive Net without all the drama created by Andre.

    Andre tried to knock you down, but you handled it professionally Huey.

    You have my support !

    Harry D

  5. For the first time. Good job Huey! I heard the net last night on my scanner. You did handle that net very well. Andre did rebroadcast some of your stuff on ve3twr but I have to say you handled it nicely. I hope this encourages a change for the DMR world and brings back the repeaters to the GTA.
    I might just get my ham licence after hearing this.
    Keep up the good work Huey.

  6. Excellent work Hughy. This is great news in removing Andre from the DMR Community. Of course, it is expected that the little boy that he is would cause trouble and continue his nefarious activity. Andre has created a "ham behaving badly" reputation and by his own doing is well known in the DMR community as a scum bag and a dirt bag. As we all know and are educated by now that this is his modus operandi. What shame and embarassment in the community. Soon his hoons like Alex and John David will be paid to jam and be nefarious. I cannot wait for this net to be wildy more successful than his sunday night trivia and recipe exchange net that has and never was a class act. Expect the bully and little clown to publish disparaging comments and attack the net. The big shot would have been a hero buying out the XPR repeater custodian out for $10k and putting back on the air what he personally destroyed. Thanks to Paul VE3KU and Mike VA3MW to keeping TWR alive.

  7. I would like say thanks to everyone for their support. I will do my best to create a more user friendly Sunday Night DMR NET (302). My goal is to provide new leadership and respect all Hams. So please join me Sunday Night and help promote a better Net for all to enjoy. Again, thanks for your support. Huey VE3DJZ

  8. It's my belief with new people running the DMR Canada Net and rooting out the few bad apples, we could see the DMR repeater back up and running. Good job Huey.

    1. I think you mean " The One Bad Apple " Andre Vanier.

  9. It's obvious Andre has lost the respect and trust of 99% of Ham operators. Andre can no longer run the DMR Canada Net (302). Because of Andre's attacks on other Hams and his illegal activity's , the Toronto DMR System was shut down on Nov.13/17 and not Jan.4/18 as posted by Don Trynor VA3XFT on his website
    This website has the proof from many hams that you are the problem, and no matter how Andre twists the truth , we all know it's his actions that has divided the good ham operators with his false allegations. Andre, it's time to hang up your mic, you have lost all respect of all Hams.

    The total amount of comments on this site clearly shows no one wants you involved with any Nets. Good-Bye Andre.

  10. I'd like to thank the people that are taking over the Sunday DMR Canada Net. It's been a long time coming.
    I hope things go good and we can get the Toronto repeaters back up and running. We need a new mature group
    running the Sunday Net.

  11. Thanks and as I listened in on the net I understood the why of this historic moment. Thank You for removing the toxic leadership ( Andre WZW and his partner in hate crimes John HTB) and creating a fresh start with a new leader and friendlier agenda.

    I do expect this net to be jammed by the Mothership.

  12. This is very good, let's defiantly rock out. Looking forward to all the former toxic members and their associates to simply sail away into the sunset, in shame. Hopefully these disgraced individuals can get the professional help they clearly need. It would be even better if WZW would refrain from keying any mic going forward. A fresh start with familure acquaintances and good friends is defiantly a pleasure and a future we will enjoy across the country and cotenant without a doubt. 73s my dear friends.

  13. Good job Huey! Keep up the good work. My buddy programmed it into my radio for me for me to hear it.

  14. Andre's goose is cooked. I listened to the net last night and it just confirms what is on this website...

    - Andre is a bully
    - Andre disrupts the net
    - Andre tries to belittle people like Huey by calling them names and making fun of their weight.
    - Andre is grasping at straws by searching the internet for anything he can and then spinning it on his hate and bullying websites which are full of lies.

    The new management of the net was extremely courteous and patient and sadly Andre with all his might with the big words he looked up on the internet got nowhere. No one acknowledged the nonsense he was dishing out... not even Ted VE7LE. This speak VOLUMES.

    No one wants to run the net under his direction. He mentions Tomas FKN and Brian from Leamington... they both havs left the mothership in disgust and want nothing to do with him

    I know someone here has mentioned Andres criminal past... perhaps someone can post a refresher for all to see.

    We all need to rid this hobby of that scumbag Andre. The best way it to not talk to him on the radio.

  15. I was listening to the net last night. Yes Andres goose is cooked. He is a coward hiding in his apartment behind a VPN using his open shark. He is to afraid to confess and own up to his mistakes.
    Ted mentioned that Toronto hams should be embarrassed.
    I say Andre should be embarrassed at himself.
    He should also stop bringing other clubs into it as well.
    I heard the Henry came on the air and mentioned that TFMCS as nothing to do with it. I believe him. TFMCS does not have dmr capabilities.
    Andre had nothing to say after that.
    As for Andre criminal past, yes someone did mention it here. He does have a rap sheet on him. Andre could be looking at another one soon.

    Huey Ve3djz handled this net very well.

    To all hams here and future hams do not get discouraged over this nonsense.

    All I have to say is keep up the good work Huey!


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