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It's time to grow up and stop posting Lies and Bullying people on your blogs.


  1. Nobody cares anymore... All DMR radios sold on KWARC or EBAY.

    Recordings still happening, ARES and other nets continue to be jammed.

    Everyone knows he;s a dumb ass and won't talk to him... all he can do is keep kerchunking the repeater when his enemies coming on and he tried to jam them with his week pathetic signal.

    He a big chicken shit pussy that can't resolve an issue in an adult way.

    FU dumb ass!

  2. If i hear Andre on his openSPOT – SharkRF on Sunday, i will jam the shit out of the net.

  3. Andre has been a bad ham for a long time. It is normal behaviour for him to be a hater on all the hams he attacks as those hams do good work. They are hams that promote goodness in the community not spend hours updating blogs and promoting hate. Good Riddance to you Andre. Please go away or behave. Do your momma proud!


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