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"Caution" Racist language compliments of Andre Vanier VE3WZW. Listen to the real Andre as he Bullies innocent Hams. Do you want someone like Andre associated with your club. Have your say about Andre's Racist Bullying. Leave your comments.

  Listen to Andre Vanier in this Audio Recording.


Caution, Adult content , Racist Language used by Andre . 
Listen to the 5 audio files that show Andre's true colors.
Listen to Andre being a Bully and keying up over everyone talking....he can't do that anymore.

Send any recording of Andre to

Special thanks to the person that sent in a recording of Andre's outrageous language and more Bullying to a Ham Repeater Owner.
It's is long, 24 min, but worth listening to.  







  1. LOL - I didn’t have the heart to tell him how poor his signal was on that Friday night. He only turns the power up to jam people I guess. Sad, very sad! Glad I left this part of the hobby - will keep my friends close, that’s for sure. Good catch on this one.

  2. WOW WOW WOW!!!

    Nice language on a repeater Andre. I cant say I have heard anyone else talk like that on TWR and key over top of someone who was trying to reason with you.

    What a disgrace.

    I wonder if KU was really sitting back having tea and eating crumpets!

    OMG that was too funny.

    Andre you're such a dumb ass. Are you the little school girl rolled up in the corner now? ... yup I think so.

    Dumb ass.

  3. What a dumb ass! Heard him or one of his buddies rebroadcasting VE3SIZ talking on dstar to the tower on 01,20,2018. Real class act. Real hams hang out of hf, not repeaters this is why you don't hear hams like VA3DZ or VE3CSO on the air. Yet they support TFMCS. Hate to say this, hope he disappears in off the face of the earth. Until then, the hobby will continue to go downhill.

  4. The granddaddy of them all. This is when our lives changed forever.
    Andre bullies everyone.

    1. Wow, just wow. I can't believe this Andre guy. Ruining the hobby for everyone.

  5. Andre stole from Royal Bank of Canada. He claim she ran a team of 100 people but in fact he was just an employee and not a manager. The security team fired him and he was charged with theft. Funny, how many didnt know about his criminal background. This explains he couldn't take his girlfriend and her kids to Target in Buffalo and factory Outlet Mall in the states. US Border Patrol sees his rap sheet thats as long as an arm and turned him away at the border.

  6. Only a racist calls a racist....bottom line its 2018 no one plays the racist card anymore. Grow up you jackass.

    1. Did someone call someone a racist ? or merely point out someone using racist language.

      It is 2018, there is no room for people that use racist language. Your comment is juvenile.

      We try to post all comments, this one was difficult because it sounds like it's coming from the Mothership.

      So let's see what other comments follow it.

    2. Dictionary:
      a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.
      "the comments have led to him being called a racist"
      synonyms: racial bigot, racialist, xenophobe, chauvinist, supremacist
      (racially) discriminatory, racialist, prejudiced, bigoted
      "a racist society"

      Andre is discriminatory, racialist, prejudiced and a bigoted.

  7. Your analogy is ludicrous. That's like saying " Only a Bully calls someone a Bully"
    You sir, are ignorant.

  8. Above from Harry is correct. Donald Trump and Andre would say such a thing, not a normal socialized person. Ever notice that Trump is the poster child for Andre? Same illness, different level of life success.

  9. Not sure what Donald Trump has to do with any of this mess on DMR except that some people can't keep their political views separated. So, my view is that I would rather have Donald then the ass wipe that we have. I hope this post is allowed since other political comments were. :-)

    1. If it's not on the airwaves, your good to go!
      Free speech is allowed on the internet.

  10. Wow! He sounds like those guys on 147.435 in california.

  11. Now that's interesting, when you Google VE3WZW , this website shows up as No.# 1 in the search. That's gotta hurt.

  12. If you buy from Andre be careful

    Be cautious if an email is 'callsign' @ '', '' or similar as anyone could set one of those up. Primary ISP email addresses (e.g. @sympatico or @rogers) are harder to fake.

    Also be careful if Andre asks you to send payment by any other means than postal mail to the same name and address you can find for the callsign through a reputable callsign database.

    Interac e-transfer is a secure way to transfer money directly to bank accounts. You can send the money so that the recipient can see you have sent it but you can attach a security question that you only give the answer to after the goods arrive. You can cancel the transfer at any time up until the recipient 'cashes' it with the answer to the security question.

    Andre has unpublished his address so he may rip you off with funny emails like DONT WIRE LINE ANY MONEY TO HIS GRENADA BANK ACCOUNT



  13. Andre is now a "man behaving badly" as last night on the tower he did not MAN UP to requests by HBO, OHF and even DJZ to meet for coffee to discuss his blatant violations and atrocities against the ham community.

    The guy is sick in the head and continues his ongoing hatred against the hams on his mug shot hate crime blog using stolen domains from the TFMCS club.

    Is the TFM club going to fight the domains ownership?

    I attended one of his meet ups that he hijacked from Don Trynor who set it up and then Andre created a blog to exploit Dons work claiming it as his own.

    He has jammed the ares and open line nets managed by Ward who works at the OSC and can confirm Andre donated nothing.

    The swim party was not attended as many hams are worried for their kids due to child abuse charges pending a trial in the court of law.

    30 plus spectrum radio operator claims - no he was licensed in 1997 using his moms Oshawa address (ledger available for public viewing)

    Passed his exams properly - NO NO NO he used a surrogate to write his exams as the VE was not aware of how Andre looked and did not ask for any government identifications

    NO repeater club - more lies from his mouth

    He had long hair - NO nO nO he was bald from 27 years ago based on photos from his workplace Christmas party

    Right now Andre is busy claiming he had surgery (victim approach) and has not been on the radios for 3 months. Check the Hoseline as he has been active.

    See you at the Hamfest with my 190 pound power supply I have for you

    Right now Andre is trying to figure out how he lost his DMR Sunday net now that the new ownership has assumed the leadership position.

    Look up his DMR ID and that will tell you when he joined the radio community after a long stint in CB radio and FRS. He has many.

    Please note he is purging his WZW call sign so look for And Van, or V*nier, or "Ham Behaving Badly"

    A delusional person will spout so many lies thinking many will believe his lies but the DMR net gang does not believe and as seen by the immense patience by the good hams checking in they have realized Andre is a Bad Man and they have removed him from their contacts list.

    Remember a good meet up with Andre is at a police station or family night at the Pickering Swiss Chalet. Look for the bald ham with the Motorola radio eating his 1/4 chicken white meat (not black as proclaimed)

    Another LIE Andre claims racism but he looks pretty white to everyone who knows him.

    I used to feel sad for Andre until I saw him rip off the blind hams when visiting them he stole items from their homes while trying to fix a radio for them.

    When he was asked about the missing items he threatened both blind hams with such a hammer of threats and intimidation that they feared for their lives.

    Let's meet up for coffee Andre and he see who is the clown when confronted with the FACTS.

    Andre, the little boy who hides behind his blogs and his Motorola desk microphone while he is on Zello with his vice president John David Borland and Alex Skibricki

    We can add mike VE3MCX in there as well with the patrol car. I wonder if VE3HTB has a cop uniform as well (doubt it he looks more like a parking enforcement officer)


  14. CB

    Please note Andre cannot travel to the USA due to his criminal record. He will not be at Dayton ever!
    He was mentioned in the presentation at the Ham fest on how to deal with difficult people that was done by an ex FBI agent. He noted the details regarding Andre and has been following the abuse on the GTA repeaters by his clan.

    However, the FBI does not have jurisdiction into Canada or Interpol until Andre conducts international crimes.

    He has with his hate crimes operated on European Servers and eventually he will be charged with Identity Fraud, Slander and Libel.

    From CB

  15. Andre suffers from Munchausen Syndrome.

    Munchausen syndrome is a factitious disorder, a mental disorder in which a person repeatedly and deliberately acts as if he or she has a physical or mental illness when he or she is not really sick. Munchausen syndrome is considered a mental illness because it is associated with severe emotional difficulties.

    1. Great explanation of Munchausen Syndrome from WebMD -

  16. Bingo. Thanks for the update as it explains a lot and I love the recordings of his delusional and mental state. I in over 20 years in this hobby have never ever heard such abusive language over the air. Here I am thinking its a some kid with a chinese handheld and it turns out its a 50 year old single man with a lot of hate on his shoulders. I understand this is from being abused as a child by a strict mother

  17. Andre Vanier VE3SP or VE3AGV was turned away from the Hamfest today due to his behaviour that shut down the YYZ and XPR repeater networks. He has jammed our club repeaters many times and is not welcome. HamEx has been notified as well to prevent his attendance there as well. Eventually he will get the message that his behaviour is toxic and not gentlemanly

    1. Can anyone confirm Andre was turned away from the Hamfest ?

  18. Come to Hma-Ex Andre with Borland and MCX and we will show you the 190 pound power supply we have for you. Security will be monitoring the parking lot so if you are planning to take photos of license plates we going to catch you. Maybe that fat loudmouth RTT and his fancy cameras may be the snitch for Andre this week. What a waste of ham radio gear these clowns! Andre the BSer , I love hearing his racist comments on Brandmeister

  19. I have a Motorola 4550 for any photos of martin, andre, john and rod sipping coffee and munching on donuts except Andre munching on chick peas


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