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Editor's Choice of the Week. Andre refuses to address the Situation.

Andre Vanier is now claiming Don Trynor is wrong, soon Don will be on Andre's blogs with personal attacks on his character. 
Everyone can't be wrong Andre. The majority of Hams agree you are the problem.
Your claims of a Business repeater hacking have nothing to do with the Ham community's repeaters being shut down nor does Huey having 10 kids . 
Your bullying and edited  recordings of many hams on your blogs is the reason the DMR networks has been shut down, people have had enough of your attacks and Bullying.
Everything on your blogs are personal attacks on ham's. 
We have reached out to come up with some kind of agreement to end all the name calling, but you Andre, still refuse to participate. 
As long as you continue to post defamatory comments, things will not change.
It's up to you Andre, do the right thing for the hobby.



Andre was using 430.2750MHz  through his Hotspot, but his Net was a total failure,again.

The authors of True Lies have been trying to resolve the issues affecting the DMR repeaters and on going jamming.  

We have asked Andre Vanier for a meeting with a mediator to come up with a resolution, but our attempts have fallen on deaf ears.

How do we get Andre Vanier to sit down and bring this to an end ?


  1. It's very clear as long as Andre has this animosity towards ham operators and continues the bullying campaign on his blogs , the repeater custodians will not turn the repeaters back on.

  2. Everyone acting their age and being the grown men they’re supposed to be and not little girls would solve the problem. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist. Easier said than done, unfortunately.

  3. Andre, stop mixing words. Even Don Trynor say's you refuse to address the situation that has resulted in the shutdown of all DMR repeaters. And until then, no DMR for Toronto.

    It's you Andre that is preventing the repeaters from being turned back on. Just take down all the Blogs that you are attacking other Hams on. We are pointing the finger at you !

  4. If all it takes is for Andre to remove his logs to resolve the DMR repeaters shut down, why is he waiting ?

  5. His blogs make him feel powerful know what I mean sunshine? Are you delusional?

    He likes to hide behind his ipad in country style, with his crappy spelling and grammar using vpn's and magic jack so he cant be traced. He has all you fooled!
    Does he really think the stupid anonymous comments are coming from anyone else but him? Child.

  6. No-one knows anymore what he wants. Way back in the day (almost 3 years) the "Hams Behaving Badly" recording of him and IPS fighting was posted on YouTube. Andre was pissed, and a deal was made with him that if it were removed, the blog (only one then) would also go away. The recording was pulled, and Andre reneged on the deal. Of course everything he does is justified by some prior affront, that the result of a prior behaviour, so he's perpetual.
    I think whoever had the clip on YouTube should put it back. Sticking to your word isn't something Andre understands and deserves every bit of what he's getting back.

  7. It is obvious that Andre has Anger Management issues and continues his toxic campaigns of hatred against those he is jealous of. Notice how he attacks accomplished hams that are members of Ham Clubs in positions of influence? Andre chose to break the Code of Ethics with all the garbage he sent and spoofed and cloned on DMR which he has claimed he is the King of DMR. His attacks against the YYZ and TWR repeaters are now legendary. Why does he npt attack the Durham ones or Mississauga? Because his puppet VE3JIW is there and the others allowed him to present DMR slides he stole from Trynor. He jams TFMCS and YRARC repeaters because he hates the guys there. These are all hams that he was friends with before he got too jealous because they have more accomplishments than him. I spent too much going through his blog and I do not see much truth to it but I do see mental health issues. I think this Andre clown showed up about 3 years ago on the repeaters and thats when the stuff started. He has gotten intense the past year and as usual uses his fan base to do his dirty work. Why would Andre pay a guy to take photos of license plates at the Hamilton and York Region Hamfest? Show up at Hams homes to take photos and publish addresses? Shoot a drone video of his apratment and blame others? Why would he record Zello conversations and then say they are from a commercial repeater? He does this because he is trying to shame people? Really does that Hughy Hamilton guy have 10 kids? Rides an E Bike? Why does he resort to these tactis and systemic abusies on the repeaters? Because he can and has gotten away with it for a long time. He has done this before with his other hobbys in the past. Why does he hate CB guys? Why is he not married? Why does he lie about so many things like a ham for 30 plus years with his recent 2 letter callsign with a morse code key on his blog? because its mental health and unless he gets treatment it will not stop. Go ahead turn on DMR and it will start again. He wants all this drama in his life. Hoe many DMR meet ups last year? 2 of them with maybe 14 showing up max. Trynor has only had 2 the year before and copy cat AbnerAndre stole his ideas. He steals a lot of ideas from people for his click for cash blogs that are just stolen information from others. Thats Andre, the fraudster , the Mothership, the sunshine man. Ignore him and he shows up like a virus with his blatant lies, scams and gang of followers who are just as messed up as he is. One guy is either John or David and the Alex guy uses different callsign for different modes - just like Andre. A lot of hams in the GTA hate his guts for what he has does to the community and they hate his followers just as much. This is the exact reason why Andre avoids hamfests and clubs - he will be called out on the carpet and he can only run to the nearest Tim Hortons for free wi-fi to encrypt his shit so he can post more hatred. Man Up Andre and be a man not a little child. You have earned no respect the past 3 years but you have earned $$$ with your blog posts and that is exactly your game plan. The group has asked you to meet for coffee to discuss the beefs you have and seek a solution to the problem but you have refused with your passive-aggressive and Alpha Male intimidation techniques. That is what children do and you are a child not a man with morals and values you claim to have. That is why you are not married and have no kids of your own. Children are not capable of these things and I am so glad you did not follow that path because you would have ruined these kids lives forever. Man Up and be honourable not posting this toxic hatred and false truths with your delusional rants and repeater jamming tactics. It is not funny anymore but it will be more funny when you hold these BRA club meetings and all of a sudden you have new members signing up from Toronto to watch you lead run the meetings. This is the Karma coming your way. Those you hate become your club members and they out vote you and kick you out

  8. They should shut down VE3TWR as well to show solidarity with the other custodians but then they will just start it up on the WOO repeaters. Right now , KU shuts it off for a bit then turns it back on. I do praise him for keeping it ON when Andre is ranting and melting down as this does show Industry Canada the type of guy Andre is but then they love his business with all the callsigns he has. I do understand that recording I hear now and then that Andre and Industry Canada are the only people. I swing the beam eastward and its always coming from Scarberia and at one time Thornhill area. Many times there is mobile stuff happening as the DMR RSSI varies as the jammer drives around in Scarborough and the other time was Dufferin/401 area. Some guy in an apartment with a Yagi pointed at the tower with low power can be very disruptive and when he gets walked over switches to a high power Motorola the ping is the give away. I am sure there is a Andre buddy 20 storys up with a Tytera with a view of the CN Tower causing problems. The ground sweepers with their DF gear would not be looking up at all and would miss the nefarious ham on a balcony. I miss being on the repeater talking to the Magnificent 7 and have now taken up Chess instead.

  9. 62, 62, the masturbator here... don't shut down the repeaters... it will just move to the next one. It's hard to stomach but just let the fool do his thing.
    Imagine all the time that he wastes with blogs and jamming and what has it gotten him... more misery and a whole city against him... A whole city of hams that want nothing to do with him and his delusional world.

    Turn the repeaters back on. turn internet links off and then its only locally where its heard.
    His mission is to have all turned off because he is so embarrassed with his own action. Projection of ones misery is an illness.

    We all know he is ill... the mothership needs to get help and until he steps up to the plate like a real human being and say...

    "Hi my name Andre and I need help" I am a delusional narcissist and just can't stop trying to one up everyone in the Toronto and surrounding area. They just cant look smarter than me... they can't! So I will try and embarrass anyone who looks better than me.

    62, 62 The Masturbator 62, 62

  10. In all seriousness , is there anyone close enough to Andre that can ask him to think about coming up with a solution so we can get the DMR network back up and running ?

    1. Uh yeah Alex and David John are his buddies as well as Paul UBI. Maybe PaulB as well. Try to see if his posse can intervene. It wont happen as Andre is Hell bent on being a disturbance as he tries to regain his turf and be the Intimidator to all hams.

      The guy is SCUM and if you can believe it a President of a Radio Club. Well he voted himself in

    2. Sorry to disappoint LOL, he hates me with a special passion reserved for few. Trust me. :)
      73 Paul KU

  11. ISEDC ought to amend the Certificate of Proficiency to become the Certificate of Proficiency and Mental Health.

    The Rest Of Canada is not amused.

  12. WOW...Andre Vanier calling Don Tyrnor "extremely irresponsible" , now I've seen it all.

    Andre will post shit about Don now on his websites. Andre is losing and now calling out Don because Don can see through Andre's disguise.

  13. Yes Andre will blame everyone and not take and responsibility for his actions.
    He is in constant denial.

    HTB CKI UBI OHF - how can you guys associate yourselves with this SCUMBAG - Follow the smarts guys and distance yourself from physco boy.

    Its just a matter of time you will all get fucked when Andre no longer has a use for you.

  14. Until Industry Canada is embarrassed enough, they will not lift a finger to do anything. Ham radio is seen by them as a semi-large non-profit organization which brings nothing to them except for grief.

    Start writing letters to the editor of the Toronto Star. Start writing you federal MP complaining about the lack of effort by Industry Canada. Start writing the Minister of Industry Canada. Contact the IC critic with the federal Conservatives and get him or her to drag the Minister into the fray. Contact RAC. We pay some hefty membership fees and the largest single area of their finances comes from the GTA. Get the President and the directors for Ontario involved.

    Clearly the unique individual at the center of the controversy has some mental health issues! Maybe like Trump he suffers from small hands and this is his way of trying to be a big dick.

    Guys like VA3XFT and the big repeater clubs all mean well. Unfortunately linked repeaters with antennas 1000' or more in height usually just invite a'holes like Andy to do what they/he is doing. He can be miles and miles away from a repeater and have a big impact over a wide area.

    Look at his self-serving blogs. Did anybody ask him to put these things up? Does he actually say anything worthwhile? No. But he gets attention that way.

    Part of the answer to the actions by this turd is to ignore him. But when you are in a huge city with a lot of ham radio ops who are quick to retaliate and escalate that just feeds this unique individual with small hands.

    Good luck with this folks. Thankfully he stays away from groups like the Contest Club of Ontario, the shortwave radio groups like the Ontario DX Association and others. Best thing would be for him to start jamming the emergency services. Industry Canada would jump on that quickly but even someone with small hands ain't that stupid.

    Merry Christmas.


  15. When is this childish behavior going to stop?
    Fist the nonsense about the commercial radio crap that leaked out on qrz that has nothing to do with ham radio and now this!
    Looks like Andre or is buddies are spreading shit about Don T.
    I am sure this nonsense is getting boring for most of the hams in the GTA.
    Andre and his buddies are to smart not to jam public service channels. He knows is ass is on the line.
    (I could be wrong)
    Hopefully he will stay away from the Ontario DX club or any DX club for that matter. Don't count on it. He may start jamming them soon.

    On the brighter side, lets hope for good Christmas gift! Lets hope Andre and his buddies give up quit his bullshit.

    Merry Christmas to everyone and your families.

  16. Me thinks that Andre is jealous of a great site like ONTARS, systems like VA3XPR, networks like VE3TWR, etc., etc., etc and the fact that he has small hands like Donald Trump.

    End result, is a massive inferiority complex and whatever other undiagnosed mental health issues and we have who he is.

    It hasn't helped that people from near and far are attacking him either but what do you expect..?

  17. Wonder if Andre will set up a swap and shop this year under the auspices of his buddies within the BRA club..?

    That it an event I'd pay major to attend.

    1. Yes the club will be having a junk-in-the-trunk event to raise funds for our repeater project. Stay tuned. But right now I am too busy to decide the dates for it. Please attend as it will be a great event. I promise to record license plates of all those attending and distributing the email list of registrants. Please contact VE3HTB and VE3MCX for details and pre registration. I will make a blog for it

    2. Do the right thing is not in Andre's DNA. It is not self serving.
      He is not a good operator nor a honourable or ethical person.

      He makes up lies to make himself look good at the expense of others.

      I think its safe to say DMR is DEAD in Toronto and you can only use a hotspot to get on those networks.

      YYZ also shutdown since XPR was shutdown for jamming activities as well.

      Andre you are not fighting a winning battle. As you noticed last night your net did not go too well and the amount of check ins are dwindling. There are many ways for the smart hams to cause you grief like you caused all of Toronto.

      We wish you luck in your future endeavours as you are DEAD to all of us.

  18. The smart hams will ensure that his stupid net gets shut down

    I too can sit at a Time Hortons with a VPN on wifi and open spot his jammer net using Andres DMR id's and jam the shvvit out of it across Canada and then we barf all over north america. A ham in Dayton has already put him and all his callsigns on the black list. He is not welcome. Border Patrol will send him back a many know he cannot travel to USA due to his convictions. He tapped too many ky jelly taps back in his day working at the bank.

    The only thing Andre is going to tap is if you walk with ky jelly for Andre to tap

    We have 130 plus hams who hate him and he has his 3 that love him and his beloved Mothership

  19. the correct claims by VA3XFT Don Trynor VA3XPR on twitter social media does associate the call-sign and person with the disturbances and criminal activities in Toronto Canada.

    Let us be clear! The attacks on VE3WZW Andre are called for and Slanderous Accusations (good and correct. ) The person and Canadian call-signs of VE3WZW Andre IS associated with the trash, low life, ghetto scum, criminal activities in the city and county of Canada and the planet!


    Why does that loser not allow comments except his own? Because he is a manipulator and wants to intimidate people

    Show up at my door or hamfest table for a handshake!

    Andre you ruined the hobby for many people and I am waiting to show up at the BRA meeting.

  20. It was disturbing to read a public [Twitter] accusation about the disturbing and criminal actions by degenerates in Toronto CANADA. The public Twitter message that does understand the scumbag ham andre (ve3sp) that is responsible for the abuses and disturbances in Toronto Canada.

    It was extremely irresponsible and false to claim the following untruths at and

    I dint have DMR (Dementis Maggot Radio) so can some text Andre to meet for coffee as I have 190 power supply for him.

  21. DMR is finished thanks to Andre. Must have been his end game to get everyone to man up to DMR then throw everyone under the bus. Theres a lot of pissed off people may of which cant afford a hotspot thanks to the repeaters being shut down. This delusional clown has DESTROYED the hobby for many. Its a sad day in the ham community when shit like this goes down!

    His next platform is ZELLO. Him and his henchman are using this ass clown technology to talk trash and spread hatred. Preferred communications for the "Motherhood"? Understand what i'm saying Sunshine?

    I'm sticking to HF and throwing my DMR crap in the trash. Lesson learned. Hope you happy Andre.....Dick

  22. Don't forget that before Andre's inane 'Canada' net there was already a Canada wide net on the provincial talk group run for a few years by the guys in Windsor. Andre did a job on that net and we haven't heard anybody out of Windsor since. Thanks Andre.

  23. Andre, your ongoing jamming of the York Region repeaters is well noted and duly observed. We are aware of your activity and noted your home QTH. We know its you. Stop it. We are sharing the information with other repeaters owners and know you attempted to join the Central Ontario ARC with your sponsor Alex and was denied membership. You are not welcome to join the York Region club and Orangeville club as they too know anout your nefarious jamming. Why do you hate everyone?

  24. Have you ever heard the saying 'you are beating a dead horse'?

    That's is what you are doing when you post comments like 'Andre do the right thing'

    Andre believes in the scorched earth policy where everyone and everything gets burned until he wins... he will never give up that is clear.

    His hatred for hams who are more knowledgeable than him is abundantly clear. People who easily trust him got burned.

    My advice to everyone is to move on and stop wasting your time trying to resolve anything with Andre.

    His actions speak louder than words... he is clearly not interested in any resolution to all this.

  25. That is until he pisses the wrong guy off and he gets bitch slapped.

  26. I am upset because as a new ham i wasted $1500

    John VE3IPS administered my exam and charged $20 for exam preparation and 2+ hours of his time

    He also gave me a lot of information on antennas and radios and helped me make good decisions because the staff at Radioworld are clueless. I always value the ideas of seasoned hams

    I have been listening to VE3TWR as several repeaters are inactive or it turns out shut off

    I have had to shut the radio off due to Andre screaming and swearing and my children were in the car. I spent money for this ham radio experience?

    I found this website while looking to join the Toronto FM club and landed on the website. Wow that club seems to be causing trouble

    This Andre guy has mental health issues because its full of hatred against the local clubs

    Who is this Andre? Why is he being a disturbance and why is he causing jamming?

    Thanks for explaining the truth and I should have taken Johns advice to buy a FT-60 used and spend the rest of my budget on an HF radio.

    So I will trade the radio in at Radioworld and get myself an Icom 7100 or a FT-991

    I hope Industry Canada shuts him down

    In the home country, Andre would have been a treat the pigs woukd have enjoyed

    Please continue the work to stop this lunatic because as a new ham I am very upset that after studying hard for 3 months I have to hear this maniac causing problems.

    Andre is a president of a radio club? Thats crazy


    Andre lets meet for a drink and talk about how you cost me a loss of $400

    1. You question s to who is Andre?
      Andre is a person who got into an argument three years ago with John on the TWR. (Google hams behaving badly. You tube might have taken he recording down, but not sure). The blogspots listed below belongs to Andre and his buddies.
      Second. or has no relationship to TFMCS or this website.
      Most Presidents of ham radio clubs don't post such trash of other clubs on blogspots to try and shut them down.
      This is what I was told.
      If you want to join is the place you are looking for.
      A lot of hams in the GTA are pissed off that most repeaters are shut down. I have noticed that TFMCS shuts their repeaters down minualy to give people a place to talk.
      Thumbs up to the administer of this website to give hams a place to vent their fustrations about Andre.

      All I have to say is stay away from Andre, he is dangerous.

    2. Hello Boris

      Thanks for the kind comments and sign of support. I don't bother with all these websites but someone told me that I was mentioned.

      Have a great Xmas and keep up the CW training as it is more sane on HF.

      The 7100 or 991a are both good radios but the 7100 does not have a tuner but has D-Star and the 991a does have a tuner and includes Fusion. They are different animals and the new A version is better than the initial release. Don't give up on ham radio yet.

  27. Its funny after ander buys a fusion machine he gets dmr shut down.I wonder.

  28. He took down NXDN as well when it was on VE3YYZ because he coukdnt afford to pay DJZ for the Kenwood radio and then started jamming it heavily so no one could use it. There is a tape on YouTube where Andre is being so nice with Eric EI using a different callsign trying to figure it out

    2016 The creator to NXDN NexEdge CANADA -
    It is important to me to support a mode I jammed and had removed from VE3YYZ repeater site due to my multiple NXDN ID's
    57011 ve3wzw Andre Toronto
    57012 ve3wzw Andre Toronto
    57013 ve3sp Andre Toronto
    57014 ve3aGv Andre Toronto

    He is not on NXDN and was on for 2 weeks. P25 was never on.

    The guy is frickin liar

  29. He is on Fusion and Brandmeister using VE3SP and tells people that he has been a ham for 30 plus years. Why does he hate the guys on Lower 38? I hear him on my scanner talking shit about this Tony and Steve guy one night on Simplex with David. Guy hates everyone. I checked and he was licensed in 1997 in the public records. More lies. Why cant people leave comments on his blogs?

  30. Andre won't let you post on his website because Andre and his buddies can't face the truth and never will.
    All Andre does is waste our tax payers money by paying for .com .ca website and posting trash of other hams. Take a look at his qrz page ve3wzw ve3sp etc etc and you can see his websites are referenced to his call signs. He is begging for help, but there is no may to contact him. If you do, it will most likely to get posted, deleted or changed from the truth and published on his website.

    All I have to say to Andre is grow up and do something with your life and stop tarnishing the image of Toronto. Another reason why people don't get the ham ticket.

  31. If you want to jam Andre and hit net... throw carriers on his hotspot frequency... 430.275 If you are close or high enough you may be able to mess him up!


    Temporarily switched to VE3TWR
    PLEASE NOTE: & are NOT owned by the TFMCS but a local ham who has a grudge against the Toronto FM club and has fabricated a website full of lies.
    Visit for more details.

  33. Ain't nobody been able to get DOC on board with this? What are we paying taxes for if the gov't agents ain't gonna do nothing?

  34. Let's start a GoFundMe page. Put together enough money to hire a Lawyer and take Andre Vanier to court once and for all.

    I'll donate $100

    1. The Indistrial Canada allows hams to self enforce these infractions in place of the $60 yearly fee. We should petition them to charge $100 a year per call sign to provide enforcement services. The old CB days the carp was beaten up and his tower was destroyed. Solved the problem. Remember Andre has many friends jamming on his behalf and will do anything to protect him. Thats just very creepy and territorial (head shake). I heard he bought his license on kijiji through someone in scarboro

  35. I sat in the parking lot and jammed across several channels and used my sdr and frequency counter. The net was a failure but he claimed success. What a frickin liar! The guy has mental health issues. I hope to bump into his shopping cart at the local Metro or the cash money. I would love to tap him on his shoulder. I am selling my 4550 Radio now as it is a paper weight thanks to Mothership Andre. He owes me the difference. His sunday net is bogus. One time they played checkers or something stupid like that. Andre stop everything.

  36. There was no net Sunday. Someone must have jammed the channel.
    I heard no DMR net on the hotspot.

    1. That is the 2nd DMR net that he has screwed up. Before his bogus b.s. Canada net, the guys in Windsor ran a net via the provincial talk group. Great net, more activity than what dumb-dumb had until dumb-dumb started to jam it. The guys in Windsor said, 'screw Andre and screw the GTA' and ended it quietly.

      Thanks Andre.

  37. Here's an article idea - post it and let people contribute their own ideas!
    It must suck when:
    The entire local ham community knows your act and has you pegged
    The global DMR community knows about your antics
    Repeaters in Toronto are shut down for extended periods because of your nonsense
    Other repeaters stay on the air because you don’t frighten them
    You can’t go to a flea market because of who you might meet
    You have to cover your windows with cardboard
    People stalk your home
    You expect CRA to knock on the door any day
    You expect IC to knock on the door any day
    You have a multi-conviction criminal record
    You can’t travel out of Canada due to your criminal record
    People jam your hotspot
    You can’t get call plates for your car because it’ll be spotted and trashed by your victims
    Industry Canada won’t take your calls anymore
    You can’t get on the air and have a random, normal QSO
    You get jammed everywhere you go
    You get your callsign spoofed by jammers
    You have to go to Tim Horton’s to access the internet
    You can’t afford a GoPro and have to settle
    Local police have told you to go away and not bother them any more
    You find the people you’ve screwed coming after you
    You find out everyone knows you bought your tickets
    Your hate blogs go limp and lifeless
    Your ‘friends’ abandon you - and start to rat you out
    You’re always looking over your shoulder
    Your girlfriend gets ID’d and called out on the Internet

  38. Andre does not own or can afford a cellphone. I know Andre is using Protoron email for its encryption. Yes, he drives his girlfriends Mazda and its a dark grey or charcoal color and Andre has taped out windows on his apartment. Be careful he has security cameras everywhere around his apartment building. I am not afraid of him and understand why this blog is in operation but he has strategic plans to shut down some more repeaters. Of course, York Region club and also Newmarket.

  39. Andre please give Don Trynor $10k and buy him out. You can then be the new custodian. Same for YYZ .

    You will be a hero!

    1. Hate to bust your bubble but ve3yyz will not touch Andre.
      His is an asshole for doing this in the first place and spreading it internationally.
      If he was such an asshole none of this would be taking place.

  40. Saddest part about this is that Don Trynor VA3XFT put together quite a nice system on DMR. Ham radio ops from throughout the province were instrumental in putting up a really nice linked system of repeaters. Andre and his bum buddies have destroyed that for no reason whatsoever.

  41. John IPS jumped on tower and the loud mouth Paul KU took shots at him about why he was not on DMR. Then Andre jumped into the qso. John basically told Paul to shut up and stop dragging him into the cesspool. John IPS mentioned that Paul was causing trouble on the repeater. It is very clear and loudly that PaulB does not want John using TWR dues free. Remember Paul did notify Wayne FWP who had serious diabetes to pay up TFM dues or get off the repeater. I agree totally with Andre that ever since KU showed up on TFM his bully attitude has made it hard. IPS seems like a good guy on TWR but its clear that when he is on there, Paul KU torments him. I emjoy it when John and Steve VE3SIZ chat about shortwave radios. I am a ham who chooses to listen to stuff but I cannot promote the territorial attitude of TFM. I hope to meet Paul but he never shows up at breakfasts or hamfests but enjoys ridiculing those that do attend. In fact the TFM society holds no meetings Why?

    1. You want to know why TFMCS does not hold meetings,
      Well here is is the answer
      TFMCS is a none profit organization and not a club just like the escarpment association. Look it up on the Ontario business website. It does hold an annual picnic and AGM for it's members. The president is working hard to get things fixed up and he has to deal with this nonsense.
      Come on people stop chastising other hams this is not what this hobby is about.
      After hearing stuff like this I don't know if I want to get a ham licence.

  42. Wow, Bearcat, sorry to hear your comments. If you play the recording, you'll discover me asking John quite openly if he'd dug out his DMR radio yet to try the new repeater - he'd posted a glowing comment about it here. Not sure how that's stirring it up, but honestly, anything I say upsets John. No intent to ruffle him.
    As to being a bully, I don't get it, but if you cite examples that'd help. Also not my intent. If my nature of having opinions and sharing them offends you, OK.
    As far as TFM is concerned, we're doing what we can. We've left the tower up despite the others being taken down, just trying to run repeaters here. How simple radio repeaters can become living breathing things in people's minds just boggles mine LOL.
    If you want to know about "why TFM..." does whatever, joining gives you the opportunity to participate and know the answers. At under 13 cents a day, we feel it's an inexpensive way to support something one uses more than casually and a cheap way to have some say in things. If you don't use it much or don't want a say, then no worries, if either == true, then maybe worth consideration. I guess that sounds bullying. Sorry.
    Most of all, it's time people stopped drawing lines - Andre is this, so and so is that, etc. -we're all hams. Those of us who aren't in the Andre camp ought to stick together. We have to live with our differences, which are minor in comparison IMO. That's what TFM endorses and we're trying to do by keeping the repeater up. Taking a repeater down destroys the community, the very thing they exist for. Let's recognize this and be good citizens of that community.

    73 Paul

  43. Paul, if you are not selling TFM club memberships or critizing other comments on this blog you are taking Andre's side most of the time. I am not a ham and prefer the world of 11m ( Andre is not on this band and if he was the problem would have been solved swiftly) but listening to the repeaters the past few years I find you to be an interesting instigator and can only agree that Andre has some truth in what he says about you. You are entitled to your opinion but wow I wish I had a recording(s) of your jealous comments against Brandon and at times belittling his lack of knowledge at times. Everyone has shitty audio but your broadcast audio quality is the best and doesnt stink. People still talk about how mean you were to Wayne in trying to get a person that had serious health issues cough up a TFM membership. Let's be good citizens of that community. Your mug shot is well placed.

  44. Your facts are mostly bogus, but seeing where you come from (CB land) where you don't have to earn anything and therefore don't have any investment, your comments make perfect sense. I guess you have an issue with people you secretly realize are better than you? KU's a good guy, he helps run TFM, why slag him? Envy? Jealousy? Wish you actually knew something about anything? Earn a ham license (no worry that'll happen, there's a test), and don't hide behind what you think is anonymity. Come, help make it better. Oh right, CB is far better than ham radio. Enjoy the low double-digit IQ down there where the fit is comfortable for you.

  45. I understand the spectrum radio operator using the federal licensed official designations of VE3WZW and others in the database had paid for another person to write his exams on his behalf due to a "mental capacity " exclusion clause

    Andre showed up at 25 St Clair with his rescue snake tequila and a well worn teddy bear and his exam writer

    So Andre passed but he did not write the tests but his surrogate did on his behalf

    This is like being the father to some one else's kids when you cannot due to inabilities

    So we are protected by the system of exams and tests from low-ball IQ

    Please continue the hatred against CBers because you now act like the King of all Haters Andre himself

    I think what's being said is the TFM gang started this message against Andre 3 years ago and let it come to this stage

    TFM should have had Andre charged with several crimes and not ignored the problem as Paul has told many on the air to do

    The TFM approach has been to ignore Andre and the Mothership

    Maybe a real good start is for TFM to issue a public apology to Andre and his goon squad?


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