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March.14/18......Andre tries to teach what Sine Waves are and Recruits a new friend on TWR. ..Collusion.....Genius........ Edited Audio Recording Below.

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March 10/2018...........Amateur HAM Radio Clubs Toronto CANADA and Hatred / Racist from Andre Vanier's Criminal Activity.

Toronto Canada Repeater Frequencies Used by Amateur Radio Operators for Criminal Activity by VE3WZW ,VE3HTB and VA3MCX.
Who is Jamming Toronto CANADA Repeaters ? :
There is undeniable evidence that shows the Criminal Andre VE3WZW has been jamming all the local Toronto repeaters and the Canada DMR System.

Andre was also heard on HAM RADIO repeater Toronto fm Communications Society Amateur Radio Club (TFMCS) VE3TWR 444.4000 being racist. 
Here is a link to recordings of Andre racist language.
See "The Word On The Street" below:
Andre Vanier and his criminal partner VE3HTB John Borland and Mike Chartrand VA3MCX who was charged for impersonating a Police Officer refuse to address the situation is the Reason For The Repeater Shut Down in The Toronto CANADA.

Other criminal activity include :Andre Vanier has been doing DDoS attacks on the Brandmeister network. Andre has also been involved in Hacking personal Zello accoun…

"Caution" Racist language compliments of Andre Vanier VE3WZW. Listen to the real Andre as he Bullies innocent Hams. Do you want someone like Andre associated with your club. Have your say about Andre's Racist Bullying. Leave your comments.

Listen to Andre Vanier in this Audio Recording.

Caution, Adult content , Racist Language used by Andre .  Listen to the 5 audio files that show Andre's true colors. Listen to Andre being a Bully and keying up over everyone talking....he can't do that anymore.

Send any recording of Andre to

Special thanks to the person that sent in a recording of Andre's outrageouslanguage and more Bullying to a Ham Repeater Owner. It's is long, 24 min, but worth listening to.  






UPDATE: Bowmanville Amature Radio Club

We want to keep everyone up to date with Andre's new Radio Club.

Andre took down the website we posted.

We have another one and the second one submitted by Lenny, Thanks.

Let the Admin's know if you find any Frequencies listed 
for The Bowmanville Radio Club.


ww.ve3bra.comWho owns The Bowmanville Radio Club ?
Does this belong to Andre Vanier ? Why is Andre hiding behind someone else's personal Address ? Does A. Parker know the true Andre Vanier ? Should someone tell him before he becomes another victim ? Does anyone know what frequency this club is using ?

March 5/2018......Brandmeister network was subject to DDoS attack March 4/2018 During Sunday Night Canada DMR Net. There is enough evidence to point the attacks towards Andre Vanier VE3WZW.

It's no secret Andre has lost all credibility in the Ham community. His blatant attacks against the DMR Network was the reason it was shut down. Andre has now reverted to DDoS attacks on the Brandmeister network. Further information to follow.

Andre attacks VA3HBO with  DDoS attacks as he does the Net Control on Sunday Night Canada DMR March 4/18.
Andre is upset that he's been removed from the Canada DMR Net group.

March.3/2018....Let's help The Ottawa's Amateur Radio Group before Andre Vanier VE3WZW destroys their Club as he has destroyed many other Amateur Radio Groups.

Andre Vanier is trying to promote the Ottawa's Amateur Radio Group. Andre's blog clearly shows he's trying to become main player in this unsuspecting Club and we all know what will happen to this club if Andre manipulates his way in. Help the Ottawa's Amateur Radio Group by emailing and warning them what Andre is all about and what destruction Andre has caused other Amateur Radio Groups.

The only email i can find for the Ottawa's Amateur Radio Group:

Lets help this club by emailing and warning them about Andre and what he's done to other Amateur Radio Clubs.
If anyone has the Ottawa's Amateur Radio Group Clubs Presidents email, please post it.

Send this link to them

Andre's last two followers , Ted Lee -VE7LEE and Dave/John Borland- VE3HTB.

The Canada DMR Net (302) had it's 3rd DMR Net Last Night Feb.25th/2018. We had several check-ins with overwhelming support for the New DMR Net.

The Canada DMR Net (302) had it's 3rd DMR Net Last Night Feb.25th/2018.  We had several check-ins with overwhelming support for the New DMR Net. Many Ham operators said they have noticed a major difference in the way the new Net is working and are glad things are slowly getting back to a Net without jamming and disruptions.
We would like to thank William VA3HBO for running the net last night, he did a fantastic job.
Since last Nov./2017 we have seen a sift in a positive direction on the local Toronto repeaters with less jamming and recordings. It's our hope with this change, the repeater owners might consider turning their systems back on for a trial period.
Thanks to everyone that have helped to get our Ham community back on track.

"NEW POST" Feb.21/2018........DMR-MARC managers cancel Andre Vanier’s DMR TransCanada Net amid nefarious sexual misconduct allegations .

DMR-MARC managers cancel Andre Vanier’s DMR TransCanada Net amid nefarious sexual misconduct allegations.

 TORONTO – Toxic radio spectrum operator Andre Vanier faced a barrage of more bad news Friday as he was dropped by the DMR-MARC team, abandoned by local GTA ham radio operators, his multiple call signs blacklisted by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada and denied access by more than 300 North America wide repeater radio stations.

The whirlwind of developments came a day after hundreds of DMR repeater Radio stations also stripped Andre Vanier's multiple call signs from their contacts database in response to sexual misconduct allegations, which had been circulated by anonymous social media users who detailed encounters with young hams.

Mr. Vanier released a statement Wednesday calling the nefarious allegations "unsubstantiated," but acknowledged they "engaged in a wild radio spectrum lifestyle that incorporated certain digital radio clichés includi…

Have your say about the BULLY , Andre Vanier.

Feb.20/18.........Andre finally realizes the Ham community no longer wants him involved in the Canada DMR Net or any local Toronto Repeater. Andre has made it clear he has given up on the DMR Net and is leaving, moving on to other projects. With Andre gone, we hope we can restore interest in DMR and bring back the hobby that was destroyed by Andre . Join us Sunday Nights at 9pm for the Canada DMR net (302) and help us get the Hobby back on track.

"NEW POST"...Feb.17/18....Huey VE3DJZ tries knocking on Andre Vanier VE3WZW door Friday night at 9:30pm to make peace. Huey and another Ham went to Andre's apartment with a coffee to try and talk with him and come up with a resolution to all the ongoing issues with the DMR and local repeaters. We have to give credit to Huey for his continued effort to bring the Ham community back together. Check out the YouTube Video link taken last night at Andre's Apartment. Feb16/18

Click on the YouTube link.
Huey also talked to Andre on the radio, listen to Andre's reply.

To the person that complained the Audio recording was edited, here is the unedited version.