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NEW REPORT: MORE ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES ....Andre tries to hit a handicapped person with his CAR. Toronto Police are investigating . See recording below.
Andre was talking with another Ham while sitting in his car at a Tim Hortons. When Andre noticed a handicapped person trying to make a phone call on a cell phone he made fun of the person and drove his car towards the person trying to scare them.

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UPDATE: The person named Andre that was released from The Toronto East Detention Centre was there due to a Fraud over $5000 charge.....

We have received information Andre was just released from The Toronto East Jail. We are waiting on further details. 

"Caution" Racist language compliments of Andre Vanier VE3WZW. Listen to the real Andre as he Bullies innocent Hams. Do you want someone like Andre associated with your club. Have your say about Andre's Racist Bullying. Leave your comments.

Listen to Andre Vanier in this Audio Recording.

Caution, Adult content , Racist Language used by Andre .  Listen to the 5 audio files that show Andre's true colors. Listen to Andre being a Bully and keying up over everyone talking....he can't do that anymore.

Send any recording of Andre to

Special thanks to the person that sent in a recording of Andre's outrageouslanguage and more Bullying to a Ham Repeater Owner. It's is long, 24 min, but worth listening to.  






It's time for Martin Maduro VE3PWR to apologize to VA3HBO and VE3DJZ for his racial and homophobic remarks.
VA3PYR ...Brian Richard has to sick his 2 cents in.

We received several emails regarding Martin Maduro VE3PWR who was on the Newmarket Repeater using the slang term "Faggot"  referencing to homosexuality. It's truly an eye opener and sad we still have homophobic Ham operators in our community.

 Mr Maduro was calling VA3HBO and VE3DJZ "faggots" and accusing them of unfounded accusations that is unexceptable. Mr Maduro , if you have sound proof of these accusations, please forward them to our website and we will post them for others to judge.

 It's embarrassing to think VE3PWR is the custodian of the repeater in Newmarket and still finds it necessary to behave with such hate and animosity against other Hams.

 A search on "Canadian Callsign Database of Ham Radio Operators" shows 3 call signs …

"NEW POST"...Feb.17/18....Huey VE3DJZ tries knocking on Andre Vanier VE3WZW door Friday night at 9:30pm to make peace. Huey and another Ham went to Andre's apartment with a coffee to try and talk with him and come up with a resolution to all the ongoing issues with the DMR and local repeaters. We have to give credit to Huey for his continued effort to bring the Ham community back together. Check out the YouTube Video link taken last night at Andre's Apartment. Feb16/18

March 30/18 New Comments added........THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR WALKING.

Have your say about the BULLY , Andre Vanier.

April.13/18 ...This is an open letter to the custodians that run and operate VA3XPR, Don Trynor and VE3YYZ & VE3UHM, Jon Rorke.

Since our website started in late Nov. 2017, we have had over 37,000 page views and almost 600 comments. It is evident that Andre Vanier VE3WZW has moved on and is no longer jamming or causing problems on the GTA repeaters.

Enough time has passed and we feel it's time to turn the DMR and YYZ repeaters back on for a trial period. If the custodians of the repeaters are not ready, perhaps you might consider selling the license and equipment to someone who is willing to run them.

Let us know if you think enough time has passed and if you would like to see all the repeaters turned back on.

Searching for The Jammer

Another delusional post by Andre

How stupid are you Andre ?
Where do you get your legal information from, The Mother Ship ?
Domain names are the property of the person 
that buys them.
Use ignorance in a sentence

link / cite  add to word list


The definition of ignorance is being unaware, uneducated or unknowledgeable.
An example of ignorance is someone who thinks they know Canadian Law ,but are just plain stupid..


Andre tries to teach what Sine Waves are and Recruits a new friend on TWR. ..Collusion.....Genius........ Edited Audio Recording Below.

March 10/2018...........Amateur HAM Radio Clubs Toronto CANADA and Hatred / Racist from Andre Vanier's Criminal Activity.

Toronto Canada Repeater Frequencies Used by Amateur Radio Operators for Criminal Activity by VE3WZW VE3HTB.

Who is Jamming Toronto CANADA Repeaters ? :
There is undeniable evidence that shows the Criminal Andre VE3WZW has been jamming all the local Toronto repeaters and the Canada DMR System.

Andre was also heard on HAM RADIO repeater Toronto fm Communications Society Amateur Radio Club (TFMCS) VE3TWR 444.4000 being racist. 
Here is a link to recordings of Andre racist language.
See "The Word On The Street" below:
Andre Vanier and his criminal partner VE3HTB John Borland refuse to address the situation is the Reason For The Repeater Shut Down in The Toronto CANADA.

Other criminal activity include :Andre Vanier has been doing DDoS attacks on the Brandmeister network. Andre has also been involved in Hacking personal Zello accounts. Andre's criminal behavior continues in Toronto. 
Andre is racist and a XXXXXXXX. …